CT Boat Show 2017

September 7, 2016 - Forespar Performance Products of California, for 50 years a leading international sailing and powerboat hardware and plumbing systems manufacturer, is pleased to announce the debut of the PureWater+ system at next week's Newport International Boat Show. 
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We have been exploring the Caribbean all winter on our Tartan 4000, Argon. After recently enjoying the pristine waters of the southern Bahamas, it was time to continue our northward path from Highbourne Cay in northern Exuma across the Yellow Bank.
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By Clemmie Everett There are many factors that affect your performance in a race: boatspeed, strategy, tactics, and of course, a little bit of luck. But don’t overlook the importance of preparation: making sure you have everything you need to help you perform at your best and sail with maximum...
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Last winter, Around Long Island Regatta Co-Chairmen Jim Aikman and Doug Wefer got to thinking about how to make the 40-year-old race even more spectacular, more accessible and dynamic. Their solution? To relocate the start to New York Harbor. For the first 40 years the Around Long Island Regatta (ALIR)...
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Proven Route and Sailing Itinerary Timed for Weather By Captain Charlie & Cathy Simon Published by World Sailing Guru   166 pages   paperback   $39.95 When Captain Charlie and Cathy Simon left St. Lucia in 2014 to sail around the world, they did so with a goal of compiling information to create...
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