Newport Exhibition Group, owners and producers of the Newport International Boat Show, have announced the results of the 2017 Newport For New Products (NFNP) Awards. Judged on Thursday during the show’s opening day and announced at an awards ceremony on Friday, September 15, the 12th annual NFNP winners are: The...
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By Monica Pepe Conservation efforts to protect marine mammals, especially large whales, continue to face great difficulties and, in some cases, have managed only marginal improvements. Most notably, only around 450 North Atlantic right whales survive today. Those that remain face serious human-induced threats such as vessel strikes, entanglement in fishing...
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By David Dellenbaugh Every race is full of choices. You can go to the left side or the right; start at the pin end or in the middle; cover the other boats or sail your own race; duck a starboard tacker or lee-bow them. The chance to make hundreds of...
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Skippering with confidence right from the start By Tom Cunliffe Published by Adlard Coles Nautical, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 194 pages   hardcover   $40 For those new to sailing, the best course of action will always be to enroll in a ‘Basic Sailing’ course (particularly those advertising in this...
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