Providence Boat Show 2015


The Xp 44 is the latest performance racer/cruiser from X-Yachts of Denmark. X-Yachts have utilized the latest techniques in design and construction to create Sailing World’s “2014 Boat of the Year” and one of SAIL’s “Best Boats 2014.” The latest vacuum-infused epoxy E-glass process and a carbon keel grill reduce displacement significantly while...
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A cat enthusiast puts this New York-built cruiser through its paces By Will Becchina           I am a Long Islander. I have sailed Long Island Sound since childhood and cruise extensively in this “Mediterranean of the East,” so when I got word of a 42-foot production catamaran being built in...
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By Tom Darling, Princeton 1975 Photos by Maggie O’Rourke, Princeton 2016 When you think of the origins of great college fall sport rivalries, it is usually football that comes to mind: Princeton vs. Rutgers, Harvard vs. Yale, Notre Dame vs. Michigan. In the game of college match racing, an ancient...
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By Taylor North Narragansett Bay plays host to all types of sailboats over the course of the year; foiling catamarans, carbon racing yachts, stunning superyachts, and high performance dinghies, many sailing multiple times faster than the wind speed. However, once the weather gets cold and the big boats head south,...
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A Novel by Jim Ruddle Published by Amika Press   206 pages   paperback   $14.95 This reviewer is not the first to note that My Name is Luke seems cut from the same cloth as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Kidnapped or Treasure Island. Spinning a Stevenson-esque yarn with wit to rival...
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Charleston Race Week 2015
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