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The 7th edition of the Atlantic Cup returns on May 22, 2022 with two new features. Leg 1 will go from Charleston, S.C. to Newport, R.I. increasing the first leg of the race by 80nm. In addition, for the first time in its history The Atlantic Cup will open Leg 2 (Newport-Portland) to PHRF double-handed boats between 30 and 45 feet.

Since 2011 the Atlantic Cup has been the dedicated Class40 race in the United States featuring double-handed teams. As the appetite for double-handed racing continues to grow, race organizers are excited to support this growing segment of racing in the U.S. by opening the second leg of the Atlantic Cup to PHRF teams for a tactically challenging offshore race.
 For the Class40s, the Atlantic Cup will once again start in Charleston, South Carolina and travel 705 nautical miles north to Newport. For the second leg, Class40s and now PHRF teams will depart Newport for a shorter sprint leg of 240nm to Portland, Maine.

Hugh Piggin, Race Director, said,“We are looking forward to bringing the Atlantic Cup back to its original race destination of Newport. Given the increase in popularity in shorthanded sailing, we see it as a great opportunity to continue to support this discipline of offshore racing by offering the uniqueness of the second leg to skippers in the PHRF fleet looking for a new challenge. The Atlantic Cup is designed for what offshore shorthanded sailors love, and it’s always exciting to watch!”

The third and final stage of the race will be a little different (and we think exciting). Rather than a crewed inshore series, we will hold two coastal day races. The third leg of The Atlantic Cup has previously required crews increase their numbers to 6 for an inshore series, this change will allow teams to retain their pairing from the offshore legs whilst still providing the opportunity to explore Casco Bay and Maine’s beautiful coastline.

From its varied format in distance, navigational challenges in both Cape Hatteras and Cape Cod, plus the added bonus of racing in the Gulf Stream, the Atlantic Cup provides sailors many ways to test their skills. 

The Atlantic Cup is often referred to as one of the most fun and challenging races around and we hope if you haven’t ever competed, that we will see you on the start! The Notice of Race can be found HERE

May 22 – Class40
Leg 1 Start
Charleston to Newport

Approx May 26  – Class40
Leg 1 Finish 

May 29 – Class40 & PHRF

Leg 2 Start
Newport to Portland 

June 4-5
Leg 3 – Coastal Racing
Portland, Maine

Questions about logistics, the race, or anything else please don’t hesitate to email Julianna Barbieri at Julianna@ManukaSEM.com or Sam Holliday at Sam@ManukaSEM.com