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Coop's Corner

Autumn Song

By Joe Cooper

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I am consulting for Hood Sailmakers and the other day I was handed a letter by Dawn, “She Who Keeps It All Going.” Yup, a letter. An honest to goodness, real life, business-size manila envelope with a hand-written address. There was even one of those little stickon return address labels you could order from the back of The New York Times Sunday Magazine years ago.

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On Watch

On Watch – Dave Waldo

By Chris Szepessy

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As the Executive Director of The WaterFront Center in Oyster Bay, NY, Dave Waldo has the helm of a unique community sailing and marine education facility where he shares his passion for the sport with people of all ages while providing opportunities for learning about and enjoying the marine environment. “I grew up in Huntington and I’ve been on the water all my life,” says Dave. “My dad, Lewis Waldo, is the reason that I sail. My…

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