Conanicut Marina

Sound Environment

NOAA’s New Northeast Chief’s first official act – Undermining the Marine Mammal Protection Act?

By Benjamin Cesare

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Against the recommendations of the federally appointed Harbor Porpoise Take Reduction Team, John Harbor porpoise, a by-catch of commercial fishing, are often caught and suffocate in gillnets. © A. Reckendorf/WDC Bullard, the newly named Northeast Fisheries Administrator, recently announced that he is circumventing the process set out by the Marine Mammal Protection Act to reduce by-catch…

Coop's Corner

Open Class(room)

By Joe Cooper

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Next time you’re out sailing with your kids, think back to basics and try to connect some of the disciplines you know about, perhaps without even realizing it, to sailing and to what the kids are up to at school.

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