Firearms and USCG Vessel Inspections

Dear Vincent Pica,

I thoroughly enjoyed your article, We’re Being Boarded by the Coast Guard –Now What? It was very informative. Newton Yacht Club in Massachusetts has the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary come each year for the vessel inspections, and I always have my boat as well as my father’s boat inspected.

I have a question for you regarding the legal possession of a firearm on board. If you are legally licensed to carry in the state you are boating, does it pose a problem not being onshore? Any info you could give me would be appreciated.

Dave Amicangioli, via email

Vincent Pica, Assistant National Commodore, Recreational Boating Safety United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, replies:

Dave – As long as the weapon is permitted and the operator legally owns the weapon, it is not a problem for the USCG. If the weapon requires special federal ATF permitting, the operator/gun owner would be asked to present the documentation. If an operator is crossing state lines, there again would need to be documentation from ATF. The USCG does run into gun carriers from time to time and almost all check out.

In the long run, if it’s possessed legally it will prolong the boarding slightly as the USCG and boater wait for the paperwork to check out.

Be safe out there.


Were you a Treader, a Tonger, or a Raker?

Editor’s note: Rick Mannoia’s excellent article about Long Island’s Great South Bay recalled a plentiful past and anticipated an abundant future. 

Intelligent, engaging and a wonderful journey through Long Island’s maritime history narrated by a sailing pirate born too late. His truth manifesting, all that glitters is not gold, but rather the glistening memories of a child’s rapturous love of the sea, sailing and seashore hamlet he called home. Kudos, my friend!!!

Ed Brown, via email

Moriches Inlet was formed during a nor’easter on March 9, 1931. Hurricane of ‘38 widened it and blew the Potuck and Moriches stations into the bay. Old Inlet was closed in 1836. Hurricane Sandy blew it open in 2012. Otherwise fine article.

R. Sittler, Amityville, NY