Editor’s note: Molly Mulhern’s article ‘Sailors Growing Sailors,’ about mentoring programs at yacht clubs and community sailing programs around the country, appeared in our August 2016 issue.

Hi Molly,

I am one of the women sailors who race at the Beverly Yacht Club in Marion, MA. I started out sailing in my grandfather’s H 12 ½ as a young girl, with my aunt as a coach. In the mid1990s, I started crewing with the ladies at the yacht club. It was a wonderful experience, as I was able to crew for one of the best sailors in the club.

In 2004, I bought an H 12 ½ and have sailed it ever since in the Ladies Day Race. It has been great fun and I have improved tremendously, although I’ve had friends who have surpassed me. It is a wonderful group of women and we are all supportive of one another offering advice, mistakes made during the race, and figuring out how we can improve our sailing in the next race. We have a very civilized lunch beforehand, then we go out and race my gutsy broads, then come back and have a libation and discuss our racing accomplishments, or possibly not.

The camaraderie is supportive despite any disagreements, upon which we usually agree to disagree in the end and we are all friends and fellow sister sailors. The men in the club are just as supportive of the women sailors. All in all, we have a wonderful racing crew at our yacht club with various races for all levels. And might I add, the junior program is exceptional. Thank you for your wonderful article. I look forward to reading more in the future.

Anne Converse, via email

Molly Mulhern replies: Anne – Thanks for your insights into the Beverly YC program and the tremendous impact it has made for you and others. My hope is that all of us who have so benefited find ways to pay it forward and do our best to encourage others. You never know what difference your part may play in another’s life. All the best,  Molly