By Jon L. Ten Haagen, CFP®
Published by Xlibris   83 pages   paperback   $15.99

“It is never too early or too late to start investing!” says Certified Financial Planner Jon Ten Haagen, who has written a very useful book about retirement planning. Topics covered – thoughtfully presented in terms that even this reviewer was able to understand! – include how to choose a qualified financial planner, creating a retirement budget, eradicating debt, the basics of investing, estate planning, understanding annuities, and how to protect what you’ve earned.

A highly recommended guide to planning for the maximum enjoyment of your golden years – which of course includes plenty of sailing! – Charting Your Course Toward a Comfortable Retirement is also available in hardcover and E-book editions. To order your copy,
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An accomplished ocean racing sailor, Jon L. Ten Haagen, CFP® runs Ten Haagen Financial Services, Inc., a comprehensive, independent financial planning firm with offices in Huntington, Northport and New York City, NY. He is also an active community member, serving on the board of several non-profit organizations and as executive officer of the Greater Huntington Boating Council. Friends and clients are welcome to stop by, enjoy a cup of coffee and relax in his office. Look for a review of Jon’s forthcoming book, This Is Ocean Racing, which recounts his experiences aboard the 49-foot sloop Guinevere during a transatlantic race from Bermuda to Germany in 1968, in an upcoming issue of WindCheck. ■