I always look forward to ringing in the New Year by distributing our January/ February edition of WindCheck. As we compile the content for this issue, I usually come up with some cockamamie list of resolutions. None of mine have anything to do with being nicer to my fellow man, eating fewer Twinkies, or getting in shape. Most of my designs for the year include more experiential treatments for the soul – and most have to do with boating. If I am lucky, I realize the completion or achievement of a few by year’s end. During a rather subdued New Year’s Eve (I was sick with the flu), I had the chance to reflect on 2012 and realized that my grand list of needs and wants for the year went undone – completely undone.

For 2012 I vowed to cruise more, use the boat more often, tackle projects that have eluded attention for too long, spend more time sailing with my wife and our friends, and to simply relax a bit more while aboard. Yep – none of that happened. When my boat list goes the entire year with nary a checkmark of completion, I don’t fret. It simply means that life got in the way, things needed doing and my attention shifted elsewhere. It happens. I guess that means all I have to do is make my ’12 list my ’13 list! Phew, that was easy.

This issue is largely devoted to looking forward to 2013. We have our annual look ahead (p. 10), where we focus on new products, changing positions in the industry, new environmental initiatives, even art exhibits, new races and new boats making a splash this spring. We look ahead to the annual winter and spring boat shows and even spring commissioning with a great article on Choosing the Right Bottom Paint (p. 30). And then there’s our Calendar of Events. This invaluable tool (which you’ll also find online at windcheckmagazine.com) will keep you aware of great seminars, courses and all kinds of other important off-season activities to keep the saltwater coursing through your veins until spring splash.

This issue also serves to let you know that there is much abuzz in our industry – and much to do in the upcoming season whether you are full-time cruiser, top-tier racer or weekend tinkerer. Whether or not you are able to check off all the items on your particular list of boating resolutions or not is up to you, but there is certainly no lack of events to attend, places to go and people to meet!

It’s going to be a busy 2013 here at WindCheck. We have lots in store. We’ve expanded our distribution network through Rhode Island and Buzzards Bay, we’ll be at the Providence Boat Show, we’re continuing our communications with regard to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and we’ve again partnered with The Atlantic Cup – the only race of its kind in the U.S. The SailQuest boat show will return to Milford this spring (May 17 – 19 at Milford Landing Marina) and it’s the 25th running of the Storm Trysail Club’s Block Island Race Week. We’re working closely with the Club to make sure this event will be a great celebration of racing camaraderie.

With so much on tap, I will likely add to my ever-growing list of boating resolutions – yet as the winter chugs along, just thinking about sanding teak in the warm spring sun will be enough to get me through. Whether I find time for the actual sanding remains to be seen…

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