Xc 35

JF2015WindCheckweb_page27_image1.jpgThe Xc 35, winner of SAIL Magazine’s “Best Boats 2015” and nominated for “European Yacht of the Year 2015” award in the “Luxury Cruiser” category, joins the world renowned Xcruising range.

The Xc 35 is designed to offer a smoother voyage than typical performance cruisers by having a relatively heavier displacement and deeper hull sections. These deeper V-shaped hull sections help the Xc models give a more comfortable motion in large waves, especially when heading upwind under sail or engine.

The Xc 35 is offered with teak on the side decks, applied with vacuum technology to ensure quality and sustained longevity.

The Xc 35 offers true X-Yachts sailing qualities; the standard fittings, systems and detailing offered by X-Yachts truly set them apart from the competition.

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