By Roger Marshall Published by Stone Ledge PublicationsSolition

$3.99 e-book edition

A giant wave comes ashore in Newport, RI, flooding much of Aquidneck Island and killing several hundred people. A few weeks later, after the start of the Newport Bermuda Race, another monstrous wave, known as a soliton, sinks several racing yachts and drowns dozens of sailors. Then another huge wave destroys much of Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The husband of investigative reporter Kate James is among the sailors lost in the Bermuda Race. After determining that the devastating waves were not caused by any seismic activity, she decides to find out what – or who – is creating them. In an adventure that takes Kate to England, the Caribbean and back to the US, she and a former lover, a British secret service agent, come up against a terrorist cabal bent on eliminating half of the planet’s population by unleashing a series of solitons of catastrophic size. A page-turner with a thrilling climax, Soliton is an excellent read. The Kindle edition is available at amazon.com, and we hope the author will be writing the Soliton screenplay!

Roger Marshall is a naval architect, editor and author whose other books include Designed to Win, Race to Win, Designed to Cruise, Essential Sailing, Sail Better, A Sailor’s Guide to Production Sailboats, The Complete Guide to Choosing a Cruising Sailboat, Marshall’s Marine Sourcebook and Rough Weather Seamanship for Sail and Power. The owner of Roger Marshall Yacht Designs, he lives in Jamestown, RI.

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