Mini Transats Welcome in Annapolis to Bermuda Race 2016

Annapolis to Bermuda RaceFor the first time in its history the Annapolis to Bermuda Race is planning to hold a one-design class for Mini Transat racers.  North America now has a race venue for these pint sized rocket ships, and their inclusion in A2B has generated even more excitement for the race.  Registrations are still open and the 2016 Running of the Annapolis to Bermuda Race is currently on track to become the highest attended race in years.  We for one will be watching the progress of the little tanks, as well as all the intrepid racers come the June 10 starting gun! 

Corinne Smith, who coordinates A2B race entries, is actively recruiting entries in the Mini Division all across the country. “The Minis are exciting boats and we want to run an exciting race” said Smith.  “So we have contacted everyone we could find who has raced a Mini Transat in the United States.  When we found them we extended a blanket invite.  So, if she hasn’t found you, please get in touch!

Bring your boat and your bodies and we will throw everything we have at you to help with logistics, accommodations, whatever we can provide.  We can’t give money, because that would be unfair to the other racers, but we offer our time, logistical help, network opportunities with other Mini racers - anything that might help make a Mini Transat Class for A2B a reality.   Our sponsorship chair even promised them each a bottle of rum and Cuban cigars at the finish!”

So, if you have not yet been contacted by the  A2B entries committee, please get in touch—they are eager to welcome you.  Entries do not close until May 1, 2016.

Contact us by going to: wwwbermudaoceanrace.com. All pertinent information is available on the web site with links to NOR, SI’s and Events Schedule.

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