Letter: Where are the Tide Tables?

What good is WindCheck without the tide tables? Just kidding – mag looks good.

Tom Pilkington, Prestige Yacht Sales


What happened to the tide charts? WindCheck is my primary source for local tides. I dog ear the page and keep a copy on my chart table for instant access. No computer or thick, orange book to fool with. Please put them back in. That said, I have been reading WindCheck (pick it up at Mystic Shipyard or Willow Point Marina in Mystic, CT) for many years and always enjoy it. Keep up the great work. 

Greg Potts, S/V Synergy

Publishers response: This has been a lively topic since the May issue, when the tide tables did not appear in the magazine for the first time in 16 years. Many people have commented negatively, while an equal number have said, “Thank you, I have two devices on my person that tell me the tides!” Well, we are listening and aim to please. While the Tide Tables are not in this June issue, we have a plan to fix this. Stay tuned!

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