Vineyard Race

Lukens, Danilek & Ornstein Win the CT/RI Lightning Junior District and Chubb Area B Triplehanded Championship

By Grant Ehrlich

Lightning classThe stars aligned over Niantic Bay June 30 and July 1, 2017 for the Connecticut/Rhode Island Lightning Junior District and US Sailing’s Chubb U.S. Area B Triplehanded Championship, a two-day event hosted by Niantic Bay Yacht Club in Niantic, CT. 

Six teams representing American Yacht Club, MudRatz, Riverside Yacht Club, Sail Newport and Westhampton Yacht Squadron competed in the the CT/RI Lightning Junior District and Chubb Area B Triplehanded Championship. Many of these young sailors were new to the Lightning, and all agreed that this venerable 19-footer rocks!   © Julia Cronin
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Bermuda, AC Endeavour and the O’Pen BIC

By Karina Zaleski

Editor’s note: Thirteen-year-old Karina Zaleski lives in Stamford, CT and sails out of Stamford Yacht Club. Coming from a family of sailors, Karina represented the Northeast U.S. at the America’s Cup Endeavour O’Pen, an international event for junior sailors held in Bermuda during the 35th America’s Cup.

Bermuda  AC EndeavorI first started sailing the O’Pen BIC last fall, when my friend from Optis introduced me to the boat. My friend urged me to go to the Junior Olympic Regatta in Florida. I had so much fun at this regatta and with the idea of an “un-regatta.” BIC sailing was fun for me and I wanted to sail in another BIC regatta. Nevin Sayre [BIC Sport North America’s Junior Sailing Programs Director] encouraged me to do O’Pen BIC North Americans in Sarasota, Florida. I’m really glad that he did.

Karina Zaleski (yellow helmet) and new friend Jesie DeBraga ham it up during Sunday’s freestyle event.   © Suzanne & Waldek Zaleski
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The 3rd Annual Secor Volvo Fishers Island Sound Race

Secor Volvo Ocean RaceOn July 7 & 8, 2017, 100 sailors between the ages of 12 to 18 and representing 15 yacht clubs competed in what has become one of the most eagerly anticipated  races in the Northeast. Sponsored by Secor Volvo in New London, CT and sailed in 420s, the Secor Volvo Fishers Island Sound Race is a challenging, two-day, club-to-club race along the shorelines of three states.

Eli Gleason and Kristen Healy of Niantic Bay YC are this year’s winners.  
© Julia Parker Cronin/Outrageous Photography

Modeled after the ‘round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race by founder and chairman Brandon Flack, this one-of-a-kind event includes “stopovers” at yacht clubs along the route.

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America’s Cup Endeavour O’Pen BIC: The Experience of a Lifetime!

By Nevin Sayre

AC Endeavor With the backdrop of the 35th America’s Cup, 32 O’Pen BIC sailors, ages ten to fifteen, participated in the America’s Cup Endeavour O’Pen on Bermuda’s Great Sound June 15 -18, 2017. The kids and parents represented ten different nations from around the world, and all hailed the event as the “experience of a lifetime.”

The enthusiastic crowd at the America’s Cup Village loved the O’Pen BIC Freestyle Exhibition.   ©photoMagiFoster
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Sailing Your Own Race: Lessons from Junior Sailing

By Robert N. Rossier

Sail your own raceAll of us who are parents want to do a good job at it, but parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Sometimes we make bad choices; other times we do better. Along the way we’re bound to worry which is which, and we ask ourselves, “Am I being a good parent?”

Ethan Rossier prepares for competition at the 2010 WestMex regatta in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.   © Robert N. Rossier

Getting my son into junior sailing seemed like a good idea – an opportunity for him to learn responsibility, gain independence, make a network of friends and have real fun. We had recently moved to Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, and it would be a great way for him to integrate into the local community. Okay, so maybe I was projecting my own interests, but really, what was the down side?

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Take Care of Your Gear!

By Clemmie Everett

Take care of your gear junior sailingAn important part of success on the racecourse is to be properly prepared with the right gear. Once you have the right gear, of course, you need to know how to properly care for equipment and to be disciplined in doing such.

Keeping your boat and gear in top condition will pay dividends on the racecourse.  ©Spectrum Photo/Fran Grenon

Sun and salt are the worst things for most sailing equipment, which, frustratingly, are also elements constantly present on most racecourses. At the end of each sailing day, try to hose off your boat with fresh water, paying close attention to lines and metal fittings. If you’re sailing a Laser, Sunfish or other boat with a small cockpit, you can partially fill that cockpit with fresh water to give each line a good dousing. Store lines in a bag or inside when not using them, since UV rays will degrade lines over time. When storing for a long time, be sure the lines are dry to prevent mold and mildew.

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Sail Black Rock Takes the Silver!

Sail Black RockNo, not that kind of silver. The New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association’s Freshman Championship – The Priddy Trophy – hosted by Sail Black Rock (SBR) at Captain’s Cove Seaport in Bridgeport, CT on April 22, 2017 has earned silver certification as a Clean Regatta from Sailors for the Sea.

Jenna Hannafin (right) University of New Hampshire Class of 2020, raffle winner of ORACLE TEAM USA cap autographed by skipper Jimmy Spithill with her crew Kailee Bodoh, UNH ’20  ©Dave White
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NESS Celebrates 15 Years of Serving the Community

By Caroline Knowles 

NESSThe New England Science & Sailing Foundation (NESS) is celebrating 15 years of serving the community this summer. NESS is an ocean adventure nonprofit that provides STEM-based education programs, on the water and off, for students from all walks of life.

New London students enjoy an afterschool sail in Stonington Harbor. © Caroline Knowles

NESS uses marine science, adventure sports, powerboating and sailing as platforms for inquiry-based learning, personal discovery, teaching respect and responsibility for the sea, and creating connections with the community. NESS operates year-round with families, schools, and organizations to provide high quality programs that blend an innovative curriculum with exciting aquatic activities.

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The Little Details That Add Up to Big Differences in Speed

By Clemmie Everett

Coaches CornerWhen coaching, I sometimes make suggestions that my sailors listen to but don’t seem to internalize. Often these are seemingly small adjustments on their rigging or boathandling, and I’m pretty sure that the thought running though their heads is something along the lines of, “Sure, Coach, but is that really going to make a difference?”

Paying attention to such details as making your sails are fully hoisted, keeping skipper and crew weight together, minimizing rudder movement – and bailing diligently! – will make your boat go faster.   © Cate Brown Photography

True, a single small adjustments may not make the difference between first place and tenth, but a lot of these adjustments together, especially over the course of a long series (like a high school regatta or a frostbite season), will add up to a noticeable difference.

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The Junior Sailing Association of Long Island Sound

Fostering excellence for 93 years

JSALISFounded in 1924 to support its member junior sailing programs through leadership, training, communication and event scheduling, the Junior Sailing Association of Long Island Sound (JSA) has produced legions of sailors who have excelled at the highest levels of the sport.

Jake Sal (helm) and Claire Glenn of Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club round the leeward mark during a recent JSA Laser/C420 Championship. ©

We spoke with JSA Co-Chairs Karen Quirke, a member of American Yacht Club and New York Yacht Club, and Peter “Pedro” Lorson of Manhasset Bay Yacht Club and Port Washington Yacht Club, who discussed their own experiences as junior sailors and the past, present and future of this venerable non-profit organization.

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