A Year Long Sailing Journey Begins (with video)

Follow Linda and Bob as they sail from Boston to the Caribbean on their Tartan 4000, Argon, for a one year sailing excursion.

What's a jib? port tack? gybing? rhumb line? TVMDC? snubber?... Only ten years ago we knew nothing about sailing except that we wanted to try it out. After our first class, we were both hooked. After the first few years, Matt Leduc of Latitude Yacht Brokerage helped us tremendously as we ventured in to boat ownership. Now we have upgraded our boat, sold our home, cars, and most possessions and are one month in to a year long sailing trip aiming for the Caribbean.

Check out our blog at and the first of our video blog series posted here.

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Catamaran Ownership for Less

A critical look at the charter-business end of yacht ownership

By Gregor Tarjan

Charter CatamaranLately catamarans are all the rage. A keen sailor might have noticed – even in our historically conservative New England sailing grounds – the once exotic catamaran is encountered on a more frequent basis than ever. It is not unusual to find a dozen sailing cats in popular harbors such as our homeport of Port Jefferson on Long Island’s North Shore.

The author’s Bavaria-Nautitech 40 Open catamaran moored at the Port Jefferson Yacht Club ©
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From the Log of Persevere: 21 days at Sea to Marquesas

By Colin RathPersevere

Editor’s note: This is the fifteenth installment in a series of dispatches from the Rath family (Colin & Pam, daughters Breana, Mariel and Nerina), who departed Stamford, CT in the fall of 2014 for a worldwide cruise aboard their Hanse 545 Persevere. You’ll find previous articles at linked below.

A Pacific sunset   ©

We left Galapagos with as much food and supplies as possible on May 7, but we were not able to top off our fuel as much as I wanted. We had 90% on the tanks and two 20-liter jerry cans of diesel. Good enough for government work, right? So off we went. The girls hit every DVD shop in the islands before leaving and picked up enough movies for the journey. I think we got 75 movies at 50 cents a pop. Some were good, some were not so good.

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The Moorings Announces New Charter Destination in Puerto Rico’s Spanish Virgin Islands

The Moorings, Puerto RicoThe Moorings has announced its newest charter destination in Puerto Rico, available to book now for vacations beginning in January 2017.

© Sean McGee

The cruising grounds of Puerto Rico and the surrounding Spanish Virgin Islands will offer vacationers a pristine, Caribbean charter experience with convenient access, including direct flights from many cities and no passport required for U.S citizens. Options include all-inclusive crewed sail and power yacht charters complete with captain and chef, as well as bareboat power yacht charters aboard the Moorings 514 Power Catamaran.

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Boojee Boating: The Vessel Owner’s Rights In Seeking Refuge from a Storm

By John K. Fulweiler

If you’re an old barnacle with a massive motor vessel measured in tens of meters, platoon of polo wearing plebes and the luck of a society currently rewarding masters of the market, I’ve got something to remind you. There’s like 19,000 kids in Massachusetts that don’t have a home. I say sell your ship! Come on, with those sales proceeds you could do some good for those kids that’d really mark-up history. Plus, your squared off tin can isn’t even good looking – empirically.

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A Voyage to Maine and Back

By Nancy G. Kaull & Dr. Paul F. Jacobs

The following is based on Nancy’s detailed log entries and photographs. Where these are used directly they are shown in italics. General comments and discussions written by Paul are shown in regular font. The reader can thus directly discern our slightly different perspectives.

Step 1: Obtaining a Proper Cruising Sailboat for Us

A voyage to maineIn 1998, after sailing and racing in California for more than 30 years, I went through a divorce at 59, took a position as VP of R&D at Laser Fare in Warwick, Rhode Island, bought a home in nearby Saunderstown, and purchased a 1982 Catalina 30. The good news was that Sea Ya only cost $17.9K. The bad news was that she needed a lot of work. Hundreds of hours of sanding, varnishing, painting, scrubbing, cleaning and a suitable invocation to Neptune later, her new name, Clair de Lune – after the haunting Debussy nocturne – was now shining on her transom.

Pleiades sailing on a beam reach in the East Passage of Narragansett Bay with Newport, RI in the background. This lovely photograph was taken by Daniela Clark. We love sailing this boat, and one by one the various barriers to the idea of a voyage to Maine and back began to melt away. By November 2013 I was approaching 75, was fortunately still in generally good health, and was quickly running out of excuses why we should not sail “downeast.” © Daniela Clark/
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From the Log of Persevere: The Lost Land of Galapagos

By Colin Rath

Editor’s note: This is the fourteenth installment in a series of dispatches from the Rath family (Colin & Pam, daughters Breana, Mariel and Nerina), who departed Stamford, CT in the fall of 2014 for a worldwide cruise aboard their Hanse 545 Persevere. You’ll find previous articles linked below.

Sea Lions GalapagosI have sailed my whole life on the East Coast of the USA and the Atlantic Ocean…up to now. We found out immediately that the Pacific Ocean is a completely different animal as we set sail from Panama City. In fact, Pam and Nerina, who had been using Scopoderm daily since we left New England, stopped taking them and only used them in rough weather after our first day of sailing in the Pacific. Which is a big huge with the crew aboard Persevere. A happy crew makes life so much easier.

The sea lions in Galapagos are friendly, but soon wear out their welcome.   ©
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Let’s Take a Veteran Sailing!

By Sean Duclay

SailaheadSailAhead’s second annual “Let’s Take a Veteran Sailing” event, hosted by Centerport Yacht Club in Centerport, New York on Saturday, July 30, 2016 was by all accounts a rousing success! With the strong support of Greenlawn American Legion Post 1244, 340 U.S. Armed Forces veterans, skippers and guests participated.

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CruiserPort University at the Newport International Boat Show

Nigel CalderPassageMaker Magazine is presenting a series of Cruiserport University seminars during the Newport International Boat Show in Newport, RI. The seminars will be held directly across Thames Street from the show at the Newport Blues Cafe, and the “headliner” is author and researcher Nigel Calder, who is returning to Rhode Island for the first time in a decade to deliver two technical seminars in his inimitable style.

Nigel Calder
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Celebrate Setauket Harbor

N 40° 57.168 W 73° 5.914

By George Hoffman

Setaucket HarborLocal sailors know Setauket Harbor as a small, protected harbor on the western shore of Port Jefferson Harbor, situated roughly at the midpoint of the northern coast of Long Island. Legend has it that during the Revolutionary War, Setauket Harbor was Caleb Brewster’s favorite hiding spot to evade British soldiers when rendezvousing with other members of the Culper Spy Ring who had gleaned important information about enemy troop movements that needed to get to General Washington in West Point, New York via Connecticut.

The Riverhead Aquarium's Touch Tank exhibit fascinated both kids and adults alike.
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