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Boat Porn Lessons: Making Salty Adventures Safer

By John K. Fulweiler, Jr., Esq.

I’m an admitted consumer of “boat porn.” It’s not the salacious viewing you’re conjuring. Boat listings (both print and online), boat ‘fail’ videos (including the grainy, but always amusing trailer launch mishaps) and YouTube’s offerings of those living aboard their sailboats are the images I steal away to view. If you watch enough of this stuff, you’re left with the impression that a lot of folks do stupid things and get away unscathed, that luck favors the novice, and that nobody seems much to care about the elements of good seamanship. I’m hoping not to see you, the prudent mariner, in any of this boat porn and here’s a few thoughts for avoiding such a fate.

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Salty Dawg Sailing Association™ Summer Rallies to Maine & Nova Scotia

Salty Dawg RalliesThe Salty Dawg Sailing Association™ (SDSA), a non-profit organization based in Middletown, RI, invites all sailors to join a cruising rally from the Chesapeake to Maine and then, for the first time, a second rally from Maine to Nova Scotia. The Salty Dawg Rally to Maine will leave the Chesapeake Bay on July 8, 2018.

© SaltyDawgSailing.org

The Rally to Nova Scotia departs Rockland, ME August 8. Stops along the way to enjoy quaint villages, local cuisine and maritime lore are part of each rally

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The Moorings Teams Up with Tropic Ocean Airways for “Fly & Sail” Vacations in the Bahamas

Moorings BahamasThe Moorings, a yacht charter company based in Clearwater, FL, has partnered with Tropic Ocean Airways, the leading seaplane operator in the eastern United States, to offer a one-of-a-kind travel experience in the Bahamas.

© themoorings.com

The “Fly & Sail” service allows yacht charterer to reserve a private flight directly to their desired Bahamas destination out of Tropic Ocean Airways’ lounge at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport’s private FBO, Sheltair, or the Miami Seaplane Base – centrally located between downtown Miami and South Beach on Watson Island. Upon arrival, the private Sail, Power, or all-inclusive Crewed Moorings yacht of choice will be prepped and ready for exploring the Abacos or Exumas.

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Blue Water Sailing Club Welcomes Guests for Summer Cruises

The Blue Water Sailing Club (BWSC) has announced its cruising schedule for the 2018 sailing season. A limited number of guest boats are invited to join for all or part of any BWSC cruise, provided the guests have a boat greater than 20 feet LWL, preregister, and sign a waiver of liability. Cruising with BWSC provides an opportunity to connect with other sailors and perhaps expand one’s cruising options. It also gives sailors a chance to check out BWSC and consider membership.

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A Visit from “Goldie”

By Joan de Regt

A visit from GoldieMy husband John and I were making the run from Isles of Shoals to Provincetown, heading back to our homeport of Rowayton, Connecticut after spending a month in Maine. Both of us were a bit wistful that our cruise was coming to an end, but we were enjoying a lovely day in August, about 10 miles offshore, with no other boats in sight. There was no wind, so we were motoring along at about 7 knots on our Cambria 46 Starlight. (Fun fact, her first owner was Christopher Reeve, who had her built in 1989 and named her Sea Angel.)

The author shares a moment with “Goldie.”  © John De Regt
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Cruising Club of America Honors Exceptional Sailors

April_2018_web_page20_image2.jpgSailors from the Northeast, including Rich Wilson of Boston, MA, Scott and Kitty Kuhner of Rowayton, CT and Robert E. Drew of Guilford, CT, are among the Cruising Club of America’s (CCA) 2017 award recipients. The awards, recognizing outstanding contributions to the sport of sailing and the history of yachting, were presented at the organization’s annual Awards Dinner in New York, NY on March 2, 2018. 

Rich Wilson
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Bring The Family

cruising in companyTips for an Unforgettable Annual Cruise

By Brad Read

To paraphrase Lt. Jonathan Kendrick from A Few Good Men, “I have two books on my bedside table: the Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book and The 12 Volt Bible. The only proper cruising authorities I’m aware of are George W. Eldridge, Donald J. Street, and Robert W. Read.” With that in mind, here are a few things my wife Cara and I have learned over many years of family cruising.

Kinship, Nepenthe and Wahine have rafted on so many annual cruises, says the author, that “sometimes I feel we are cruising a trimaran!”
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The Right Whale to Save

By Monica Pepe, Policy Manager, Conservation and Education, Whale and Dolphin Conservation

North Atlantic right whaleA North Atlantic right whale breaches.   © nmfs.noaa.gov

When he was just one year old, a North Atlantic right whale named Kingfisher became entangled in fishing gear. In a span of six weeks, he went from swimming freely off the coast of Georgia up to Maine, then back down to Georgia all while towing several feet of rope and attached buoys that had wrapped around his right flipper and over his body. A disentanglement effort was attempted with the assistance of the United States Coast Guard cutter Kingfisher (the whale’s namesake) where many of the lines around the body were removed, but in the end was unsuccessful in retrieving the rope wrapped tightly around his flipper. Today, 13 years later, Kingfisher still lives with his right flipper entangled, where the rope continues to tighten, cutting into flesh and bone, causing chronic injury and pain.

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Cruising French Polynesia

Les Iles Sous le Vent

By Nancy G. Kaull & Dr. Paul F. Jacobs

Editor’s note: This article is an abridged excerpt from the authors’ excellent book, Voyages: Stories of ten Sunsail owner cruises.

Authors’ note: The following is based on Nancy’s detailed log entries and photographs. Where these are used directly they are shown in italics. General comments and discussions written by Paul are shown in regular font. The reader can thus directly discern our slightly different perspectives.

French Polynesia Sunsail BaseWhen Nancy and I were initially contemplating becoming members of the Sunsail ownership program back in 2009, we carefully scanned the long list of bases scattered around the world. Both of us quickly spied “French Polynesia” on the list and exclaimed, “Wouldn’t that be incredibly special?” Well, it was now late in 2012, and Nancy had carefully hoarded all available PPL time at her job with the American Mathematical Society in Providence. Thus, it was now possible for us to sail “Les Iles Sous le Vent” (the islands under the wind), not for two weeks, but three! 

The very lovely Sunsail base, located on the northwest corner of Raiatea   © Nancy G. Kaull
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Targeting Invasive Lionfish

LionfishA non-profit organization called Robots in Service of the Environment (RSE) has developed a robot that will hopefully be the solution to what many experts have described as the worst man-made ecological disaster ever witnessed. The problem is a massive invasion by the lionfish, a voracious predator that threatens to destroy coral reef ecosystems, native fish stock and fisheries in the Caribbean Sea, Western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.


Lionfish are ravenous omnivores that will eat any fish or invertebrate that fits into their gaping mouths.   ©FGBNMS/A. Sterne
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