VicturaThe Kennedys, a Sailboat, and the Sea

By James W. Graham

Published by ForeEdge/University Press of New England 272 pages   hardcover   $29.95 (ebook $22.95)

American businessman Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. was an avid sailor, and in 1932 he purchased a 25-foot gaff-rigged sloop to enjoy on the waters of Nantucket Sound with his wife Rose and their nine children. Although the family owned many sailboats, this one, a Wianno Senior named Victura, was the favorite. The Kennedys owned and cherished Victura for nearly half a century, and Joe Jr., Jack, Bobby and Ted spent countless hours racing her. Joe Jr. and Jack ranked among the top collegiate sailors in the Northeast, perhaps due in part to the fact their father was known to become incensed if he observed a lack of effort by any of them in a race. Eunice was also an excellent sailor, easily the equal of any of her brothers.

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The Wianno Senior Story

A Century on Nantucket Sound

WiannoBy Stan Grayson, Foreword by Llewellyn Howland III

Published by Tilbury House and the Wianno Senior Class

Association, 264 pages   hardcover   $49.95

One of the most enduring one-designs in the United States, the Wianno Senior was commissioned by a group of sailors at the Wianno Yacht Club in Osterville, MA. Designed by Horace Manly Crosby, a member of the family that built the famous Crosby catboats, the first Wianno Senior was launched in 1914.With its shallow draft and centerboard, the 25-foot gaff-rigged sloop was well suited for the shallow waters and swift-flowing currents of  Nantucket Sound, where it is raced enthusiastically to this day.

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Riding the Wild Ocean

The Circumnavigation of Cape Cod in a 18-Foot Sloop, and Other Adventures

By Paul S. Krantz, Jr.

Published by Tate Publishing   241 pages   paperback   $18.99

Riding the Wild OceanThe cover of Riding the Wild Ocean, a dramatic painting by renowned marine artist Russ Kramer of author Paul Krantz’s 18-foot Herreshoff sloop Yvaledon reefed and battling monstrous waves, is among the best we’ve ever seen on a book about sailing. The words within, a collection the author’s adventures on waters from coastal New England to the Dry Tortugas, all in boats under 20 feet in length, deliver on the promise.

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Sea Trials

A Lone Sailor’s Race Toward Home

By Peter J. Bourke

Published by International Marine/McGraw-Hill   225 pages   hardcover   $24  

Sea TrialsAfter his wife’s sudden death, Peter Bourke realized he needed something more than parenting and a career to restore balance in his life. Although he did not know how to sail – and despite the fact that his friends thought he was crazy – he bought his first sailboat and embarked on a series of offshore solo voyages that included the Bermuda One-Two. A decade later, when his daughter and son had finished high school and he was 57 years old, Bourke entered the Oldest Singlehanded Trans-Atlantic Race (OSTAR), a 3,000-mile passage from Plymouth, England to Newport, Rhode Island.

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Rescue of the Bounty

Disaster and Survival in Superstorm Sandy

By Michael J. Tougias and Douglas A. Campbell

Published by Scribner   230 pages   hardcover   $25

Rescue of the BountySeveral months ago our friend Michael J. Tougias, the award-winning author of several excellent books about disasters and daring rescues at sea, generously granted WindCheck permission to publish an advance excerpt from his soon-to-be published Rescue of the Bounty. Tougias is the master of this genre, and this book, co-authored with veteran journalist and accomplished offshore sailor Douglas A. Campbell, is among his very best.

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Little Blue Book of Sailing Wisdom

Edited by Stephen Brennan

Published by Skyhorse Publishing   214 pages   hardcover   $16.95

The Little Blue Book of Sailing WisdomSailing has provided bountiful metaphors for living one’s life to the fullest. The Little Blue Book of Sailing Wisdom is an inspiring collection of quotes on every aspect of seafaring from novelists, explorers, playwrights, musicians, actors, political figures and others:

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Ed Cutts Designer, Boatbuilder, and “Cutts Method” Inventor

Ed CuttsBy Wayne Brown

Published by Leeward Publications LLC 

284 pages   paperback   $19.95


Described by Morris Yachts founder Tom Morris as “my Babe Ruth of the boatbuilding business,” Edmund A. Cutts (1927-2009) was mentored in the art and science of yacht design by L. Francis Herreshoff, the fourth son of Nathanael G. Herreshoff. Ed Cutts never used a computer to design a boat, instead carving a wooden half-hull – as the legendary Captain Nat had done – and then scaling it up.   


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A Swim

By John K. Fulweiler, Jr.


The Rhode Islander Who Refused to Drown

Published by Flood Tide Press 72 pages paperback $12.95





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Winging It

By Diane Swintal, R. Steven Tsuchiya and Robert Kamins



ORACLE Team USA’s Incredible Comeback to Defend the America’s Cup

Published by International Marine/McGraw Hill Education 218 pages paperback $24




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Break a Bad Habit

By Jerry Allen


Published by Island Dog Publishing 421 pages paperback






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