Bainbridge, New England Ropes, C&C & McMichael Yacht Brokers Party

Block Island Race Week 2015© Stephen Cloutier / photogroup.us

Great job getting around the island in a hurry today, racers! You earned some tent party fun tonight!

There’s a lot of Block Island Race Week history with tonight’s party sponsors. We hope the representatives from Bainbridge and New England Ropes aren’t too hard at work providing cloth and cordage to racers and are able to enjoy their own party tonight! We’ll bet you were glad to have their products holding fast on that ride around the island today!

The venerable C&C line of boats, with “classic plastics” such as the C&C 33 (1975) and “newbies” such as the C&C 30 (2015) racing here this year, is a respected veteran of Race Week. Representing C&C here at Race Week is McMichael Yacht Brokers, who’ve been providing owners a ticket to ride for 80 years.

T2PLR.jpgEnjoy the video brought to you by T2P.tv tonight – should be a doozy!

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