The Golden Pillow Award

By Joe Cooper

How did it get to be Autumn already? Seems like just last week I was drifting around in the Block Island Race. Then there was the NYYC Annual Regatta or Race Week, I forget which, wherein I sailed on a mate’s boat with symmetrical spinnakers. Boy, THAT tested the memory. In mid-July, the Marblehead to Halifax was ALL downwind. We had the kite up at the start and the same kite came down at the finish. Breeze SW, 6-17 for 50-odd hours. At the end of July there was the Candy Store Cup, during which, thanks to the hospitality of the captain, Matt Hearsum, I was able to rotate through some of the Prout Sailing Team. Over to the CJ Buckley Regatta a day or so later, only to discover the remarkable story of CJ Buckley that led to meeting his parents and an article (A Pebble in a Pond) in September's edition.

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Offshore Boat Preparation Seminar Saturday, October 21, Westbrook, CT

Offshore Seminar BrewerThe Bermuda Race Organizing Committee (BROC) has named Safe Harbor Marinas as the Official Boat Preparation Resource for the 2018 Newport Bermuda Race.  

Photo courtesy of Brewer Yacht Yards

Said Bermuda Race Organizing Committee Chairman Jonathan Brewin, “We are very happy to welcome back Brewer Yacht Yards, now owned by Safe Harbor Marinas, as members of the sponsor family for the 51st Bermuda Race.  BROC is especially pleased that Safe Harbor Marinas will again bring its expertise to sailors with its race-preparation seminar.”

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Newport Bermuda Race Preparation

Newport Bermuda RaceThe Bermuda Race Organizing Committee (BROC) has named Safe Harbor Marinas as the Official Boat Preparation Resource for the 2018 Newport Bermuda Race.  Said Bermuda Race Organizing Committee Chairman Jonathan Brewin, “We are very happy to welcome back Brewer Yacht Yards, now owned by Safe Harbor Marinas, as members of the sponsor family for the 51st Bermuda Race.  BROC is especially pleased that Safe Harbor Marinas will again bring its expertise to sailors with its race-preparation seminar.”

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Fun, Friends and Family at the Lightning Women’s, Juniors’ & Masters’ North American Championships

By Ben Cesare

Lightning classFun! That is the way I always describe Lightning Class regattas. The North American Women’s, Juniors’ and Masters’ Championships, hosted by Metedeconk River Yacht Club and Lightning Fleet 34 in Brick, NJ August 2 - 4, 2017 was an exception in that it was super fun!

Laura Jeffers, Johanna Schon and Teresa Colantuono won the Women's North American Championship by a 3-point margin. Photo by Art Petrosemolo/nautical

Fantastic sailing was combined with a three-day family reunion, complete with a Mexican dinner, a pizza party, and a final great steak dinner conducted during a full on, four-lane corn hole tournament on the club’s beautiful front lawn. The only drawback was that, as is typical at Lightning events, it’s hard to get the boat rigged on day one because there is so much hugging, high-fiving and general banter that it’s hard to concentrate!

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May-Day, May-Day, May-Day!! We Are Lost and Sinking!

By Vincent Pica, Commodore, First District, Southern Region (D1SR), United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

Search & Rescue (SAR) is the most recognizable and time-honored task of any mariner, especially the United States Coast Guard. “You have to go out but you don’t have to come back” is a wizened catchphrase long gone from the guidance offered by senior officers to eager-to-prove-themselves-worthy boat crews. Now, it is risk management, technology and technique. Having saved well over 1,000,000 lives since its founding in 1790, the U.S. Coast Guard can safely claim that they know how to do it. But just what happens in the Command Centers and on the search vessels when a May-Day cry comes in? This column is about that.

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Spectra Watermakers expands Headsync’s Distributorship to New Jersey

HeadsyncKatadyn Desalination LLC has selected Headsync, LLC, a Newport, RI-based marine service company that specializes in marine plumbing systems, as the sole distributor for Spectra Watermakers in New Jersey. This expands Headsync’s distributorship of the systems from Rhode Island southward and into New Jersey. Boaters favor Spectra Watermakers for their ease of use and energy efficiency. Headsync has extensive experience with these systems, following a decade of service, and installations for customers throughout the Northeast.

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Sail Black Rock Crows About Rooster

By Dave White, Sail Black Rock Program Director

Rooster gearUK-based Rooster Sailing is the latest clothing sponsor for Sail Black Rock (SBR), which hosts the intercollegiate sailing teams of Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University at Captain’s Cove Seaport in Bridgeport, CT. Following vineyard vines as the last SBR clothing sponsor and joining soft beverage sponsor Regatta Ginger Beer, Rooster will take an active role in helping promote high school and college sailing in the U.S. by assisting in the hosting of over 400 visiting sailors at SBR in 2017. 

Rooster Sailing is the newest clothing sponsor for Sail Black Rock, and SBR athletes are rocking the Aquafleece spray top this fall.   ©
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An Open Letter to the Sailing Community about Safety

From: Jack Gierhart, CEO of US Sailing

As many of you are aware, the sailing community experienced several tragic incidents on the water over the past several months that have impacted the broader boating community around the county and the entire marine industry. All of us at US Sailing – our staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers – are deeply saddened be these tragedies. Our thoughts go out to affected families and communities as they navigate through these very difficult times. We will look to assist these sailing communities as they assess the accidents, and work together to prevent incidents like this in the future.

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13th Annual YRALIS Championships Regatta

By Andrea Watson

Lawrence McGrathThe 13th running of the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound’s Championships Regatta nailed it on so many levels. A few days before the regatta, the weather forecast for Saturday, August 5, the first day of the two-day event, predicted heavy rain and lightning all day, but Saturday dawned with only some light rain. By the time of the first warning, skies were cloudy with no rain in sight. Sunday brought more of the same.

Laser winner Lawrence McGrath leads second place finisher Jean Fillion around a mark.   ©Mary Alice Fisher Photo/

Year after year the YRA cashes in favors to Mother Nature (don’t even ask), and she smiles on western Long Island Sound in the vicinity of Riverside Yacht Club and Indian Harbor Yacht Club in Greenwich, CT and American Yacht Club in nearby Rye, NY.

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From the Log of Argon: A Recap of Our Caribbean Cruise

Finances, Fuel, Feuds and Fishing

By Captain Linda Perry Riera

Editor’s note: This is the fifth installment in a series of dispatches from Linda and Captain Bob Damiano, who recently completed the island portion of a 10-month sailing voyage aboard their Tartan 4000 and are now back in New England waters.

ArgonTen months, 5,000 nautical miles, 15 countries, 80 harbors. One broken collarbone, one clogged head, and one seized up water pump. Hundreds of cruising friends met. This trip has been an unbelievable adventure in so many ways. Below are some more data and figures of our extended cruise.

Although $68,000 sounds like a lot, this was our total expenditure for 10 months of living…Intense living filled with unique adventure, travel, challenge and beauty. It was worth every penny.   ©
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Fall Boat Show Preview

47th Annual Newport International Boat Show    

September 14 - 17, 2017 in Newport, RI

Newport Boat Show

The Newport International Boat Show kicks off the 2017 fall boat show season.   ©

One of the largest and most prestigious boat shows in the country, the Newport International Boat Show spans 13 acres of the City by the Sea’s downtown waterfront. Hundreds of domestic and international companies participate and offer a full range of powerboats and sailboats, plus an extensive array of marine products and services to enhance the nautical lifestyle. Special events, educational seminars and hands-on training courses for the whole family are offered throughout the show.

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New Soundkeeper for Long Island Sound

Bill LuceySave the Sound has announced that William G. Lucey is Long Island Sound’s new Soundkeeper. Long Island Sound had been without its iconic on-the-water watchdog since Soundkeeper, Inc. co-founder Terry Backer passed away in late 2015. In anticipation of its upcoming merger with Soundkeeper, Inc., Save the Sound is putting the new Soundkeeper on the water.

Bill Lucey   © Save the Sound
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A Pebble in a Pond

CJ Buckley and the ripples he created

By Joe Cooper

CJ BuckleyA pebble dropped into a pond propagates ripples, spreading outward and visible long after the pebble has disappeared. So it is with the memory of a young man named CJ Buckley. The ripples he created are still spreading out today, literally across the country. And if ever you were to consider helping your local community sailing program, CJ’s story is exactly the reason you should.

Fifteen years after his passing, CJ Buckley continues to inspire.   Photo courtesy of Lucy & Carter Buckley
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Ramblin’ Musings

By Joe Cooper

Consumer warning: This month’s column is all over the lot. There’s a lot of sailing going on here in the Ocean State, and it’s hard to keep it all in order.

The returned volley from my mates in Annapolis after last month’s “Sailing Capital of the World” column was surprisingly light. I had some traffic with Bill Sandberg, who veteran WindCheck’ers will remember was the Contributing Editor who, on his decamping to Annapolis, I had the honor to take over from and become the freethinking voice of WindCheck. Bill’s remarks were soothing: Maintaining that Annapolis is the Sailing Capital, he conceded that Newport’s the Yachting Capital of the World. Well, I was still not convinced. Newport has its fair share of Yachts (definition to come), but it’s hard to get “yacht,” Spindrift, IMOCA 60s and Class40s in the same sentence.

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On Watch - Sam Greenfield

Sam GreenfieldAs the Onboard Reporter (OBR) with Dongfeng Race Team in the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15, Sam Greenfield made yacht racing history by becoming the first OBR to successfully fly a drone from a Volvo Ocean 65 at speed. Sam recently spent 18 months in Bermuda as part of ORACLE TEAM USA’s media crew for the 35th America’s Cup, and he’s currently preparing for the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18, which starts next month in Alicante, Spain.

© Sam Greenfield/Dongfeng Race Team/Volvo Ocean Race
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Sound Sailing to the Rescue!

Sound Sailing CenterOn Wednesday, July 26, 2017 a group of students and two instructors from Sound Sailing Center in Norwalk, CT were en route to Portland, ME on the Hanse 400 Disco Volante when co-captain Wim Jessup, one of the instructors, spotted an overturned powerboat and a large group of people in the water off Wareham, MA. Jessup sent out a Mayday call while the second instructor, Sound Sailing Center President Martin van Breems, and the four adult students started a rescue operation. 

The crew of the Disco Volante rescued nine boaters whose boat had overturned near the Cape Cod Canal.   © Sound Sailing Center
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It’s Never Too Early to Plan

I remember my time as a junior sailing instructor with great fondness. I still maintain there are few better ways for a college student to earn money during the summer break. As instructors we had fun – lots of fun – and we did a good job. Our kids learned how to sail, how to race, how to care for a small sailboat, and also how to have fun doing it. I am proud of the fact that a large number of the junior sailors that I instructed during those four years are still sailing…and to date myself, even have kids that are now taking lessons!

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Letter: Lovin’ The Log

Hi Chris,

I recall meeting you at Cedar Point YC frostbiting “way back” and have always been a great admirer of your contribution to the sport through WindCheck. I am a huge reader of periodicals and I must tell you that I am drawn to your Editor’s Log and read it word for word, unlike any other publication. Graydon Carter’s in Vanity Fair is second to you. You convey a vibe and bring out the fabric of the sport in a truly wonderful way. Enhancing and building the fabric of a community’s life is a great gift to everyone. Thank you and best wishes for the future!

Chris Woods, via email

Chris – Wow, that’s quite a compliment! Being able to share my love for sailing with WindCheck readers every month is the best thing about my job.  – CG

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Letter: Back to Basics

Editor’s note: Contributing Editor Joe Cooper’s Recommended Reading List, which appeared in our July and August issues, includes books that contributed to his understanding of, and approach to, making long voyages at sea. Most of these journeys were undertaken without any electronic devices for navigation or communication.

If you are thinking of going off cruising, you should read all of these books because – even though today’s cruising boats are bigger and have more electronics than the sailors of the past had – to fully understand and acquire the skills they had and used will make you a more confident and competent sailor. My wife and I did our first circumnavigation in the early seventies. We had a 30-foot Allied Seawind ketch with no electronics – not even a depth sounder. We used a lead line. To navigate, we used a sextant and Rolex watch. We did have a little shortwave receiver to occasionally get the BBC time check.

When we finally upgraded to a Valiant 40 and did our second circumnavigation in the late eighties/early nineties with our two young boys, we were totally confident of our skills and boat. I just don’t understand why many of today’s cruisers don’t even carry a sextant, let alone know how to use it. What if they are hit by lightning and lose all their electronics. All cruisers should know about sailing and what it was like in the time of the Hiscocks, etc.

Scott Kuhner, via email

Joe Cooper replies: [This is a] gratifying letter of support from a fellow who knows his stuff. Thanks, mate!

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Sailboats for Sale

To place a boat for sale in print and online, please send up to 45 words and a photo to by the 10th of the month for the next issue. (The monthly cost is $35.) Or, please call us at 203-332-7639.


14’ Laser 1992 - Hull in very good condition. All accessories included: Spars (standard rig upper and lower, boom), sail in great shape, all running rigging, blades, tiller and tiller extension. New, unused extra centerboard included. $1,100. Located in Milford, CT. Call Chris: 203-895-0083.



22’ Etchells 1998 - Pacesetter # 1086, 2 sets Doyle sails, open sail card, North full boat cover, 3 spin poles, forward ring frame, Tack Tick compass, double axle trailer w/ sail box, new axles 2005, new brakes, bearings 2014 $12,000. 860-227-6135


Colgate 26

26’ Colgate 2007 - Excellent day sailor located Manhasset Bay, LI. Very good condition, includes seat cushions, spinnaker & whisker poles, portable head, solar battery charger, outboard Torquedo electric engine, VHF Radio,  self tailing winches. Twaron Carbon Mainsail, Twaron Kevlar Genoa - Roller Furler, Dacron Genoa (extra), Norlon Spinnaker (Rarely used). $24,000  Paula - or 516-287-3818


noe 27

27’ Custom Noe - EnCharette is a legendary race winner that has been meticulously maintained and upgraded throughout her stellar career. Two time ECSA Overall Champion, wins at Off Soundings, BIRW, plus many other local regattas. Huge North Sails inventory, custom Triad Trailer, 5Hp Honda. Located in Branford. Call Paul at 203-214- 5696. Asking $20,000.



27’ O’Day 1986Harmony is a pleasure to sail. 2011 Tohatsu 9.8hp long-shaft, 2007 main & 130% genoa, 2007 roller furler, Icom VHF radio (DCS functionality), tiller autohelm. Located in Bridgeport, CT.  Contact Craig 203-505-9614  Asking $8,500


C&C 27 

27’ C&C Mark V 1984 - Strong racing and cruising credentials. Chosen by Sailing World as top 27 foot PHRF racer. Newly rebuilt Yanmar engine. New bottom paint (2017). Custom trailer. Large sail inventory. Sleeps 6. Located in Trumbull, CT. Quality boat for racing or family - $11,000. Contact: Larry Fullerton 203-400-2085 or


Catalina 27 

27’ Catalina 1985 -  In water, New Rochelle. Wheel steering, roller furling, good main, 150 genoa. Depth/speed indicators, VHF, GPS, stereo, dodger, bimini, autopilot, PFD’s, all safety requirements. Universal diesel, alcohol stove, Groco head, Danforth anchors. Cushions, brightwork-interior like new. Asking $6,500. Call John, 914-472- 5520.


ODay 28

28’ O'Day 1980 - Great boat. Fantastic weekender. Re-powered 7 years ago with a new 13 hp Beta Marine Engine, low hours. Sleeps 5. Auto helm. Well maintained by NVBY. Two sets of sails + Spinnaker. Will include the balance of the season on mooring at Noank Village Boat Yard, Noank, CT. Asking $12,500.  Call Bob @ 860-383-5405


Olson 30 sailboat

30’ Olson 911SE 1988 - Highly regarded cruiser / racer design. BADGER is well-maintained and upgraded, including recent carbon aramid sails - main (‘14) and two headsails (‘15). Competitive PHRF racer and comfortable family cruiser. $29,900. Lying Westbrook, CT. Mike 203-903-3957.



30’ Alberg 1967 - Well maintained fresh water cooled Atomic Four engine, new exhaust, mast step and aluminum mast bulkhead support upgrade. Self tailing winches, 3 head sails, all sails in excellent condition. Barrier coated hull. 6'3" cabin head room with memory foam cushions and comes with cradle. Holds several regatta trophies (Long Island, NY). Asking $11,000 Contact Gary (516) 443-1878 or

Pearson 30 

30’ Pearson 1976 - Bill Shaw Design cruiser racer great sailing boat Atomic 4 engine and hull professionally maintained asking $7,200. Contact Carmine 631 896-0983 or



30’ PEARSON 1973 - This was one of Pearson’s best selling cruiser/racer models. Boat in clean, good condition, has an inboard 30hp Atomic4 gas engine, lots of loose gear incl. sails, a new KVH compass, lines, etc. $4800. Located in Warren, RI call 401-245-3300.



31' Island Packet 1985 - New rigging, roller furling. Yanmar diesel, new Awlgrip paint. Freshly refurbished. Asking $46,500. Call Bruce 860-235-5035 or Dana 860-912-0042


Island Packet 31 

31 ‘ Island Packet 1988 - Well maintained with recent barrier coat and brightwork. Cutter rigged with 130 % Genoa and full battened main. Yanma diesel. Full instruments plus radio and GPS. Dinghy davits for Achilles dinghy (included). Located Milford CT. Asking $55,000.  Call 203 261 8553

Tashiba 31

31’ Tashiba Pilothouse Cutter 1987 - Beautiful all weather Bob Perry design. One-of-a-kind pilothouse model. Well-maintained. Full teak decks, spacious bright teak interior. Galley w/stove. Two piloting stations, sail outside or inside. Listed at $69,000. For more info pictures, contact


O'Day 31

31’ O’Day 1986 - Very well maintained, inside and out. Comes with many upgrades that others just don’t have. Radar, chart plotter, wind & speed instruments, autopilot, dodger & bimini, Very stable pleasure to sail and cruise. $19,999 Contact Don:


Catalina 32 320 

32 Catalina C-320 1996 - For Sale By Owner. Excellent Condition 32’ with Newer Raymarine Electronics and Radar.  Wing Keel, New Dinghy, Kato Davits, Doyle Stack Pack, Bimini & Dodger, Magma Grill, Edson Cockpit Table, Full Cushions and Many Upgraded Additions. Located in Glen Cove, NY. $49,900  619-895-3406



33’ Dehler Optima 101 1986 - German built open transom fractional racer cruiser. Recent Yanmar, North Sails, barrier coat, rigging , many upgrades. Light , fast and exceptionally well designed and built with cruising amenities. If you are looking at Sabre and J, check this out. Mystic, CT. $28,000  860-857-9987


hunter 33

33’ Hunter 2012 - A wonderful family boat with plenty of details. Very light use, 85 engine hours. Good electronics, sails like new, all lines lead to cockpit. Opening transom/swim platform, the arch frees the cockpit of the main sheet. Asks 93.5K Prestige Yacht Sales 203-353-0373



33’ Ranger 1975 - Good condition,1998 Yanmar 3GM,FWC. Decent sails, Matrix VHF with AIS, Garmin gpsmap 740s plotter with depth, speed, and wind. All halyards led aft to clutches, 6 winches, 2self tailing. Towable genoa cars, boomkicker vang. Orig. non-pressure alcohol stove. $8,650 203-224-0448

Catalina 34

34’ Catalina 1989 tall rig wing keel- a modern design with low heeling angles and a PHRF rating of 150. Frank Butler designed a great boat with a spacious layout - queen size aft berth, wide modern main salon and roomy cockpit. Excellent mechanical condition with newer electronics. Asking $37K Owner 203-579-1500


Catalina 36

36’ Catalina 2000 - Meltemi is one of the best equipped Catalina 36's on the market today. Full enclosure, davits, dinghy, solar panels, SSB. Owner is very motivated. Maintenance records available. $74,000 (RI) Latitude Yacht Brokerage, Tim Norton CPYB, 401-575-8326,


Bayfield 36

36’ Bayfield - (41 foot overall) Classic clipper bow, high-gloss bright work. Air-conditioned 2 cycled. Radar, autopilot, VHS/AIS with remote mic. AM/FM/CD w/remote. Leather covered wheel, Windvane steering. Hot and cold water, shower with tub. Electric flush toilet. Large refrigerator with freezer. 6’3” headroom, YANMAR diesel. New battened mainsail with lazy jacks. Roller furling jib. New windless, 2 anchors, 6 self tailing wenches. Gas stove/oven. Pots, pans, silverware and dishes included. Ready to sail away. Two boat owner. Just reduced $59,900. 516-984-7337


Baltic 37

37’ Baltic Racer/Cruiser - Built in Finland to Baltic’s renown standards. Unusually well-equipped, maintained and updated. Sleeps 7-8 in three teak cabins. She’s strong, light, fully equipped for racing, day sailing or to places more distant. Many pictures, low price and detailed specs at      917-473-0606


Tartan 37

37’ Tartan 372 1990 - Performance and comfort best describe the 372. Scheel keel. The boat is very well equipped and in excellent condition. Engine was rebuilt in 2012. The Bottom has been stripped and barrier coated. The Varnish is in top shape. Asks 99.5K Prestige Yacht Sales 203-353-0373



38’ Cabo Rico 1990 Cutter Rig - Three anchors with rodes. Windlass. 150 gallons of water. Watermaker. Cabin heater. Dodger. Bimini. Head, shower, cockpit shower and double galley sink. Regrigerator/freezer. VHF, GPS, autopilot, radar, solar panels, wind generator. $109,000. Call Bob Kleid 203-394-1838


Shannon 38

38’ Shannon Cutter 1981 - Walter Shultz designed. Solid teak joinery, recent interior cushions, stunning good looks- a head turner in any harbor.  It is easy to see why the Shannon 38 was featured in Mates "The Worlds Best Sailboats".  Asks 84K Prestige Yacht Sales 203-353-0373


island packet 38

38’ Island Packet 1986 - Big boat that cruises in comfort & safety. Recent upgrades Roller Furling Headsail, Force 10 Stove, Water Heater, Fresh Water Pump,  25 Gal Plastic Holding Tank, New Batteries. Call today for appointment. Asks 99.5K Prestige Yacht Sales 860-245-5551



38’ Hunter 386 2003 - Located in East Greenwich, RI. Well-lit and airy interior. Great family boat for week or more well equipped with HVAC, dodger, bimni, auto pilot, radar. All top brand equip from Pro furl, Raytheon, Lewmar, Yanmar. Many improvements over the winter, Ready to sail away. Asking $115,000. Contact Anthony at 401-954-1172.


Hunter 38

38’ Hunter 2006 – NEW AGGRESSIVE PRICING. Full suite of electronics for navigation & entertainment, bimini and dodger to shade and protect the cockpit, dinghy davits, NEW (2016) North 3DL full vertical batten mainsail & jib, solar panel and many more options that make her a comfortable and easy boat to sail and relax. $119,900 (RI). Latitude Yacht Brokerage, Matthew Leduc, 401-226-1816


Ericson 38

38' Ericson 1995 -Must see Ericson 38-200, top quality Pacific Seacraft build. Re-powered in 2012 with 38 HP Yanmar, up-dated sails and canvas, bimini, self-feathering prop. Very clean and well maintained at excellent yard. Yacht quality teak interior with two stateroom layout and stall shower. A rare opportunity to get a great sailing yacht with many up-grades, price reduced $15,000 by her two boat owner. Asking $99,000. Jim Munro, New Wave Yachts, 508-972-2044.



38’ C&C 115 2006 - New Listing! A carbon fiber rig, stiff epoxy hull, furling 110% headsail, aft-led control lines and a spacious cockpit make her a joy to sail. She has been gently raced and mostly cruised by her original owner. NEW (2016): Saildrive, Barrier Coat on Keel and Bottom Paint. New Windlass Installed (2017). She is clean and ready for inspection. $149,900 (MA) Please call to make an appointment to see this great boat. Latitude Yacht Brokerage, Matthew Leduc CPYB, 401-226-1816


Vilm 39

39’ Vilm-116 2004 - Fast, comfortable, and extremely seaworthy. Recent upgrades and specifications:  Doyle Mainsail (2014), air conditioning w/reverse cycle heat, 4 AGM Batteries (2014), Simrad AP22 hydraulic autopilot, Garmin GPS 128 Chart Plotter. $189,900 (MA) -  Call Ryan J. Miller CPYB: 401-835-0069


Saga 40

40’ Saga 409 2005 - The Saga 409 is the definition of a performance cruiser. Impressive 6'9" headroom in the main salon along with windows and hatches that let in lots of natural light. Recent Awlgrip "Stars & Stripes Blue". $185,000 (NC) - Call Tom Miller: 401-835- 7215


Benteau 40

40’ Beneteau 2008 - Start sailing immediately! Dinghy, kayak, full canvas, full electronics, furling mainsail & genoa, shallow draft, aft cockpit cushions, motor hoist, plus more.  Less than 500 hours on Yanmar diesel which looks and runs like new. Asks 159K Prestige Yacht Sales 860-245-5551


Beneteau 40

40’ Beneteau - The Beneteau 40 offers a great combination of performance, ease of handling and interior comfort that make her a perfect choice for cruising couples or families. Two available from  $159,900. Call Willis Marine 631-421-3400


Gulfstar 41 

41' Gulfstar Center Cockpit 1974 - Sloop owned by a marine industry professional for over 40 years and lovingly maintained. Major upgrades including repower with Yanmar 51 HP Diesel - re-powered 1999 and electronics. Ready to sail over the horizon! $50,000. Call Michael Beers, McMichael Yacht Brokers. 718-764-7215.


Class 40 

40’ Class 40 2007 - First Light is a 2007 Owen/Clarke design built by Jazz Marine. Complete refit in 2015, sparing no expense, including a complete repaint inside and out. Refitted with all new deck hardware including Harken winches, Spinlock rope clutches. All instruments replaced with B & G w/repeaters in the cockpit. New in 2014 is all the running rigging including the runners and spinnaker gear. All sails are 2014 or newer / lightly used. First light is a fine example of a class 40 - motivated seller as he has taken delivery of a new Class 40. For complete equipment list and photos, contact Jimmy Carolla 269-985- 8000


42 Beneteau First

42’ Beneteau First 42s7 1995 - Bruce Farr Design.  Owners’ model, 6’5” headroom, A/C.  Extensively outfitted for coastal and offshore cruising. 6 man liferaft.  2015 upgrades include: Raymarine radar and instruments, new lenses for ports and hatches, 135% genoa. Very Good Condition. $85,000. Contact: Don at 203-247-1695


Sabre 42

42’ Sabre 426 2004 - Fresh Awlgripped in 2014 flag blue with a white boot top. New sails in 2012. She looks beautiful and is ready for a new owner.  $260,000. Call Willis Marine 631-421-3400


Bristol 43 

43’ Bristol 43.3 1987- Altair is a Ted Hood designed yacht with desirable classic teak interior, two staterooms and ample space. The Bristol 43.3 is well known to have great sailing characteristics, featuring a centerboard and aft cockpit. Currently stored indoors and available for inspection this 43.3 has seen major improvements over the past few years totaling over $65,000! Some of the key improvements include: new Westerbeke 55D Diesel Engine (2013), new fuel tank (2016), mast rewired (2016). $159,000 (RI)  Latitude Yacht Brokerage, Ryan Miller CPYB, 401-835-0069,


Beneteau 43

43’ Beneteau 432 1988 -  Features three separate sleeping cabins, two full heads with showers, a full galley with double sink, refrigeration, freezer. Rebuilt Perkins 4108, Raymarine Auto-pilot, Electric Windlass, large self-tailing two-speed winches. Asking $49,500  For more, contact Fred: 347-927-3350


Jeanneau Sun Magic 44

44 Jeanneau 1989 –Big Boat, Low Price! She is very well outfitted and is seriously for sale. She was updated in 2003 with NEW: canvas, sails, cushions and Yanmar Diesel Engine. She is a two cabin, two head layout. $79,900 (MA) - - Call Matt Leduc: 401-226-1816


Tartan 4400 

44’ Tartan 4400 2005 - “Her raised salon provides for a comfortable and conveniently accessible main cabin" - Tim Jacket. She is in the water with less than 500 hours on the engine and includes a new dodger and bimini. - $349,000 (NJ) Ryan Miller, CPYB, 401-835-0069 –



45’ Beneteau Oceanis 2017 - Change in plans has this brand new boat on the market. Extensive factory options including electric winches, furling main, air conditioning, generator, B&G instruments and performance sail package.  Asking $99,000. Willis Marine Center 631-421-3400


Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45 

45’ Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 2003 - Immaculate 1 owner vessel here in our harbor! Well equipped with roller furling main and genoa, oversized winches, beautiful rich wood interior and teak decks. Asking $215,000. Willis Marine Center, Huntington, NY 631-421-3400



45' Hirsh Gulfstar Center Cockpit Sloop -  Second owner. Getting out of boating. On the hard since 2010. Needs new electronics. Sails are fine for coastal cruising. Slight cabin leak in the salon needs repair. Enjoyable boat that shouldn't take much in the way of repairs/refurbs to cast off. Selling "As Is" $50,000. No donations, trades, leases, financing, etc. Located Branford.



46’ Baltic 46 – MERRYTHOUGHT Finnish quality throughout in this well found and very able racer-cruiser. Close-winded, fast and comfortable with full teak interior, good electronics and large sail inventory. Single hand cruise or full crew race this exceptional design. Sell or trade. 860-823-7952


Beneteau 473 

47’ Beneteau 473 2005 - New Aggressive Pricing! Well outfitted/maintained. Solar Panels, Westerbeke 8Kw diesel generator, full suite of navigation electronics, SatTV, entertainment, 2 Zone AC/Heat, davits and beautiful dodger & bimini. $199,900 (MA)   Latitude Yacht Brokerage, Matthew Leduc CPYB, 401-226-1816



48’ Beneteau Oceanis 2015 - Just arrived at our moorings! This boat is fully equipped including A/C, generator, electric winches and many more factory options. Owner has moved up. Asking $399,000 Willis Marine Center 631-421-3400


 Beneteau 49

49’ Beneteau 2007 - “L ESPRIT DE LA MER” is a beautiful example of this award winning model. Building on top of the design that won Best Full-Size Production Cruiser by Cruising World Magazine, this yacht is equipped to cruise with generator, air conditioning, teak deck, bow thruster, dinghy davits, watermaker and much more!  Currently dockside in the Hamptons and is available for inspection. - $279,000 (NY) Latitude Yacht Brokerage, Ryan Miller CPYB, 401-835-0069


Hanse 54

54’ Hanse 545 2011 – World cruiser/racer. Carbon mast, racing and cruising sails, full safety equipment (including 2 liferafts), extensive navigation equipment, many upgrades – Persevere has sailed the world. $525K. Click here to view full listing. Contact 




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Light Air for the Stone Horse Builder’s Cup

By Tom Kenney

Stone HorseThe 2017 Stone Horse Builder’s Cup, a one-design race limited to the 23-foot Stone Horse designed by S.S. Crocker and built by Edey & Duff, formerly of Aucoot Cove in Mattapoisett, MA, was held Saturday, August 12 in the waters off Padanaram, MA. The race, delayed by one hour due to the threat of thunderstorms, was beset by fluky winds out of the east-southeast and the course was ultimately shortened to two legs because of the light air. The wind went light just before the starting gun, leaving boats in irons on the starting line and resulting in a few slow motion near-collisions.

David Neumeyer’s Metaphor won this year’s Stone Horse Builder’s Cup.   Photo by Tom Kenney
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Behaving Badly: Vessel Owners

By John K. Fulweiler

It’s crey-crey ‘round here. All kinds of claims, and some of them involve yacht (and other vessel) owners behaving badly. I know I only see the bad antics, but it seems to me that owners who’ve made a little bank automatically think they’re “big time.” The way I see things, who you are is all about how you act when you think no one’s looking. The big players, the real titans, don’t generally fuss with trying to stick it to their hired help. They might not hire you, might fire you, but I don’t typically see them mistreating shipboard staff.

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Forty Years of Fools!

Fool's Rules RegattaThe 40th Annual Fools’ Rules Regatta was held, for only the second time ever, on the rain date, Sunday, August 13, in Jamestown, RI. This is the largest, most enjoyable event (free to participants and spectators) held in Jamestown each summer, and is sponsored by Jamestown Yacht Club. Several hundred spectators lined the beach this year to watch the construction of 31 “vessels,” then watched their crews attempt to complete a 500-yard downwind race.

We don’t know if the steering on this Homer Simpson-inspired entry actually worked, but we love the precision placement of the cooler on the “center line”…and the custom cup holders!   © Onne van der Wal/
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Governor Gina Raimondo Led Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to Open Sail Newport's New Mid-Park Marine Education and Recreation Center

Center provides more facilities for classrooms, regattas and marine education activities at the non-profit Sailing Center

Sail Newport

NEWPORT, RI  (August 30, 2017) - Sail Newport, along with a slate of dignitaries, officials and supporters, celebrated the opening of its new Mid-Park Marine Education and Recreation Center today.  Over 200 people joined Executive Director Brad Read for a ribbon cutting ceremony, including Governor Gina Raimondo, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) Director Janet Coit, former Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed, Representative Marvin Abney and Rob MacMillan, co-founder  of 11th Hour Racing among other city and state leaders. 

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Essex Boat Works to Showcase San Juan Yachts at the Newport Boat Show

San Juan Yachts Downeast styling heads back to the East Coast through new dealer relationship with Essex Boat Works  

san_juan_boats.jpgEssex, CT:  Essex Boat Works, recently named as San Juan Yachts exclusive Northeast dealer, will show the newly built, luxury San Juan 40 at 2017 Newport Boat Show.   On display will be the latest SJ40 Sedan, featuring Volvo IPS propulsion with Joystick Control and a Dynamic Positioning System.  The powertrain features exceptional handling, speed and economy for boats of this type cruising in excess of 30 knots.  Boat show attendees will be introduced to the elegant style, sophistication and cutting edge technology San Juan Yachts is known for which includes the refinement their one hundred percent composite hull.  The light weight construction of the hull consists of E-glass, Kevlar® and Corecell® foam core structure resin infused with vinlyester resin for superior strength and ease of response. San Juan boats are available with conventional Inboard, POD or Water Jet propulsion.

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