2014 VOR Who Is Winning

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  • Joe Cooper
    commented 2014-10-13 21:39:53 -0400
    I wonder what would happen if the organizers incorporated a series of reaches onto each race? So after say 50 hour period, the boat closest to the finish gets a point, second closest 2 points, etc like a regatta with him a regatta (within a regatta). I now I ought to really think this thru some but you know it is the age of the internet and we can all post our great ideas with out thinking, right?
    This idea is partly driven by what constitutes “being in front”. Is it closest to Cape town? If so, direct or great circle? Is it miles sailed sailed subtracted from a fixed distance? All the commentators were quoting 6400 miles to CT….SCA was called “in front” but was to the NW of the fleet who when they all tacked, the boat in the middle became leader.—-AND they all still had to get out around Morocco.
    Does anyone know the calculation for leader?






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